Sunday, August 30, 2009

Have You Hugged A Teacher Today?

toty notepads

Notepad holders: Real Red, Old Olive, Basic Black, Whisper White

Stamp: PTI, Stamps by Judith, and Stamping Bella

Normally, in our county, we have an Open House and a countywide teachers' meeting prior to the opening of school. However, due to mandatory furlough days for teachers, the opening of school this year was very unusual. We only had two days of preplanning, no Open House, and no countywide meeting. Most of us don't really look forward to the countywide meeting....because we're thinking of everything we have left to do back at the school. A bright spot in the meeting, however, is the Teacher of the Year program and the announcement of our new County Teacher of the Year. I thought it was kind of a rip-off for the teacher-of-the-year nominees, but the administration tried to make up for it by having a short program and announcement at the first high school football game Friday night.

Oh, make a long story short, I wanted to come up with a little something for our school's teacher of the year to show her how much we appreciate what she does for children. She's a wonderful language arts teacher and we're very proud of her. I also made one for the county teacher of the year. She's not at my school, but she's a wonderful teacher also. The nominees from all our county schools are fantastic teachers and I'm sure choosing just one was a very tough decision to make.


Pearlann66 said...

those are gorgeous! I'm sure they were so appreciated!
I teach in Fl and our higher ups have tossed around the furlough idea but they haven't put it into effect yet. Only 2 paid days of preschool must have been really tough.
Have a great year!

Bridgett said...

These teacher notebooks are wonderful! I am sure those teachers really appreciated your effort. These are very lovely!