Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who's In Control?

“The fruit of the Spirit is…self-control.” Galatians 5:22-23

I'm preaching to myself here... I read that when it comes to control, there are two kinds of people...those who control others and those who practice self-control.  The person who likes to control others actually believes that other people or circumstances are responsible for what happens to them. So they wind up playing a blame game. They often end up in power struggles. On the other hand, those who practice self-control understand that the only control others (including the devil) have over them is what they willingly allow.... You have to come to the point where you understand that other people and circumstances are NOT your to deal with them is.  Keep reminding yourself that the person you need to control is yourself. Remember to turn people and circumstances over to God and let Him deal with them. Draw on the power of the Holy Spirit in your life to control the way you react to things.

Father, I thank You for this day and for the fact that I don't have to control anyone except myself. You are in control...I'm not....and I thank You for it.  When things don't go as planned (by me), help me to give them over to You. I love You. Amen and amen.

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Rosella said...

Thank you for this reminder. I am definitely working on the self-control part, with God's help!