Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purpose Today....

“Daniel purposed in his heart.” Daniel 1:8 NKJV
Everywhere you turn it seems that there are "victims"...victims of circumstances beyond their control....victims of one thing or another.  Daniel was one of those victims.  He was carried off into exile in Babylon when King Nebuchadnezzar had conquered Daniel's homeland.  He lost everything.  He wound up living in a place he didn't want to be,  among people who spoke differently and worshipped differently. Daniel could have spent his time whining and complaining about the things that he couldn't control.  Instead, he purposed (determined) in his heart not to be defiled by "eating the king's food" (Daniel 1:8).  I don't think the phrase "the king's food" meant only the things he was given to eat. I think Daniel meant that he would not defile himself by allowing the Babylonian culture to influence what he believed and how he lived. Daniel decided he would honor God...even in the small things.  It's the small battles that prepare us for the big ones. When Daniel said no to the small things, that gave him the strength to say no when he was faced with idol worship and the strength and faith to face the lion's den.
So often we allow what others do or say to influence the way we act or feel. We might never be able to do anything to change how people treat us, but we can be in control of what we allow ourselves to read, listen to on the radio, watch on television, and especially the words that come from our lips. We can make choices about those things...wise choices...choices that honor God.  When we purpose in our hearts to honor Him, He blesses us and we begin to see Him working in our lives in ways we'd never imagined.
Father, I thank You for this beautiful day and for the fact that I am free to make choices about what I think, do, read, watch, listen to, and say. I pray that the choices I make will honor You.  Help me to begin by making the right choices in the small things I face each day. I love You. Amen and amen.

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