Friday, December 26, 2008

The Aftermath...

Wow! It looks like my stamp room threw up! I would take a picture (NOT!) to show you, but I left my camera at my sister's house yesterday. My goal today is to get it back in order so I can start on Valentine projects. When my room gets to the point that it's in now, I simply shut down and can't do anything creative...I hate even walking in there. I have a few new (to me, from me)gadgets that I want to try out (new Nesties, new stamps, and a Glue Max...the giant red one and the little pink one), so I have to get the mess cleaned up!

Since it was 80 degrees here yesterday (we've been running the air conditioner for two days), we were wearing short sleeves and sandals for Christmas! My little princess was able to wear her short sleeve smocked snowman dress. She was simply precious! Of course, she could have worn a burlap sack and been precious in her Granny's eyes. She slept like a log, snuggling in my arms through the entire Christmas event at my sister's. There were 14 adults and 5 children, so you can imagine the noise that she slept through! We had a wonderful time watching the children open gifts, seeing the joy on their faces, and listening to their squeals of delight over the gifts.

I don't have a project to show you right now, but hopefully after I clean up my stamp room I'll have something to share. Have a great day after Christmas!

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Tom said...


I knew your Christmas was extra special this year!
Iam with you, back to trying to get some order to our house! We have family coming in today but I hope to get every thing in order before they come!
Happy 2009,HUGS,Elizabeth