Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Pumpkin Day!

Well, it's not quite Pumpkin Day yet, but this was quick and easy, which was all I could muster up after traveling 3 hours to Savannah and 3 hours back. We can actually get to our exit on I95 in 2-1/2 hours, but it takes another 30 minutes to get through traffic to the hospital. We decided we're just getting too old to make a 6 hour driving trip in one day. Normally we drive down and spend the night, so it breaks up the 6 hours, but we chose not to do that this time. Big mistake. I'm whipped today, and I didn't even do the driving!

Happy Birthday today to my wonderful son-in-law! He is very special to us and we love him very much. He is soon to be a daddy, when Leighton arrives. We're all getting so excited!

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Donna said...

Another beautiful card Anne Marie, this image is so cute. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. Donna x

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

this is so cute!! i love the gingham ribbon on the tag!!