Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sue's Mummy...

Aren't these the cutest?!!!! My "baby" sister Sue (my sweet little Clara's ----the future stamper's----mom) sent me an email yesterday with this picture. I thought her project was just awesome! Sue is just getting into stamping, but she obviously has natural talent. I asked her to send instructions, and this is her email: "I just cut the paper bag in half, took white card stock and cut it in about 1 - 1 1/4" strips (then I cut the strips so they'd fit across the bag) and sponged the edges with creamy caramel; I glued the strips across the front and back of the bag (kind of askew), saving the top piece until I had the eyes where I wanted them. I put a thin piece of cardboard that I cut to fit on the bottom inside of the bag to give it stability. I used some extra burnt orange scrap paper to do the eyes and glued them on, then the googly eyes.

I used some orange paper from the basic brights card stock to do the orange handle, and glued a thinner piece of black card stock on top of that. I don't have any eyelets, so I had to just punch holes in the top sides of the bag and the ends of the handle; I connected them to the bag with satin black ribbon with white polka dots. I put shredded kraft filler inside, along with some candy.

I folded the "bottom" of the other half of the bag and stapled it; punched a hole at the top and strung the same ribbon through with a Batty for You scalloped tag (orange card stock from basic brights).

These were very spur of the moment, and could have been MUCH cuter with more planning, more supplies and without Sam constantly grabbing for the punch, scissors and glue!"

Awesome job, Sue! Love it, love it, love it!!

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Jaime said...

That is too cute. You know I am going to have to try that one.

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

Just checking up on all the sbs18 girls - hope all is well with you x

Tabitha said...

What a totally cute mummy bag! Love all your cool ideas!