Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Redeemer Lives....

"For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth; And after my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God, Whom I shall see for myself, And my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!" Job 19:25-27

Back in Job's time, God's people inscribed their testimonies about God's faithfulness on rocks to be preserved for future generations. But, in these verses Job is essentially saying that he doesn't need a rock to testify about God's faithfulness to him. He trusts his Redeemer. For us today, we don't need the testimony of others to know that God is faithful and that He cares for us, His children. His Word promises the faithfulness of God, and on that we can rely. His answers may not always be our answers, but they are always the right ones, and always right on time. God never fails.

Father, I thank You for this wonderful day full of hope and promise. Thank You for Your faithfulness to me and to my family. Your Word is full of examples throughout history of Your faithfulness to a thousand generations. Today, Your faithfulness is just as evident as it was back in the days of Job. I pray, Lord, that I would always be found as faithful to You as You have been to me. I love You. Amen and amen.

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