Monday, September 1, 2008

Hi Cupcake!

I was looking everywhere to find a pattern for the cupcake box pictured on page 63 of the new SU! catalog, but wasn't able to find it anywhere. So, I tried recreating it. Mine doesn't look just like the one in the book....I think mine is bigger, but I think it turned out pretty cute for starting from scratch. I have to "clean up" my pattern before I can post it, so check back later.

Also, if anyone out there knows where I can find the pattern for the actual box in the catalog....please, please, please let me know!! I looked in the pattern library of the SU! demo website, but didn't see anything that resembled the box. Maybe I wasn't looking well enough. So, if anyone runs across it, please let me know. Thanks!

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Tom said...

It's darling Anne Marie! SO CUTE!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! Hugs,Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

looks great!!! I'm so bad at making a template for 3-d projects. I want to make the ship on page 31 but no idea where to start. Can't wait for this project template!!!