Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spooky Trio...

I made this trio of sour cream containers using some retired Halloween designer paper from Stampin' Up! The stamps are also from Stampin' Up! I'm not at home right now to give you the exact details, but if you're curious let me know and when I get back home, I'll post those details.
These little sour cream containers will be perfect for giving out to friends, coworkers, students, etc. They are so simple to make and if you had an assembly line going, you could whip a bunch of these out in no time at all.

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Tom said...

CUTE! You have insired me to go through some of my retired paper.Thanks for sharing,Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

these are one of my faves to make. i get my daughter in that "assembly line". they like stuffing them with the candy. one for the bag, one for me!! I love the one with the tab top. I never would have thought of that!!!