Friday, June 6, 2008


I feel rotten! I've been sleeping my life away here at the beach, instead of enjoying the sun, sand, and water. I called my husband earlier today, and he didn't even know it was me! I sound terrible, and feel worse. We drove to Daytona yesterday (before I started feeling horrible), and I was able to find the scrapbook store I've been looking for. I bought wayyyyyy too much stuff...mostly paper. Lots and lots of Bo Bunny paper. Soooo cute. If I didn't feel so bad, I'd walk outside, get it from the car, and upload some pictures of my goodies. But, that will have to wait.
Today is our 28th anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Richard!


Tabitha said...

Sorry to hear you are sick at the beach. Nothing is worse than getting sick on your vacation.

Hope you get better soon and get to enjoy yourself.

Angeldrummer said...

hope you are feeling better and happy anniversery

vicky sbs18

kes said...

Get well soon.
Happy Anniversary
Kes Sbs18