Friday, June 13, 2008

My Garden Runneth Over...

We are up to our ears in squash, zuchinni, and cucumbers. We will have tons of beans ready to pick this weekend. There's no way we can possibly eat it all, or give it all away. We don't know that many people! Since I'm still sick (even after the miracle shots), I'm heading back to town this morning for another shot. When I get home, though, I'll be putting veggies up in the freezer and canning pickles. When will I ever get to stamp again?
Oh! How could I forget this most important news!! My daughter found out yesterday that she's having a baby GIRL! Yeah!! Now I don't have to take back the tons of girly things I already bought. :) Richard says that her first words will be "lefty-Lucy, righty-tighty"...he says he's going to teach her how to help him mechanic on lawn mowers & stuff. Gross! My baby is NOT going to be a grease-monkey, Grandpa! It is funny to see how excited he is about the opportunity to spoil a little girl. He's so looking forward to it. Since he's semi-retired, and only works when he wants to...he will be the designated babysitter. Richard is on cloud nine!


Jaime said...

Congrats Granny! My garden is just starting, but it is so cold nothing really wants to grow. When it finially does, I will be canning and cooking up a storm. Hope you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting Anne Marie! A baby Girl!
Hope you feel better soon!
Have a great weekend!
smiles, Deena

paylin said...

How r u ?? Well just to drop by to say " hello " takecare and have a great day