Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Can Hear Them Calling Me...

My stamps, that is. I hear them. They want to know where I've been. It seems like forever since I've had the opportunity to sit down in my Stamp Room and play. I had to teach a class all day Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday I spent at the doctor's office trying to get some miracle shots to get over this yuck I have. My evenings have been spent with my laptop, trying to prepare for the classes I've had to teach. Over the last couple of years, our school system has placed interactive whiteboards in most of the classrooms in our district. It's my summertime job to teach the teachers how to use the boards. I love it! Anyway, although I taught the same set of classes last summer and still have materials I used for those classes, the technology has changed a little and the teachers have gained a year of experience working with the boards, so I've had to revamp my curriculum. Luckily, I'll be teaching the same 3 levels of classes (to different groups) throughout the summer, so I shouldn't have to create any more curriculum from scratch. When I get home this afternoon, I don't have to worry about another class until next week. Yeah! Play time!!

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