Friday, May 16, 2008

Stamping DT's...

I'm going into withdrawal! No stamping yesterday... This weekend is my daughter's Spring dance recital. Since she's the owner/teacher/choreographer, and I'm her mother, guess who has to help all weekend? Yeah. So, no stamping. We were at dress rehearsal last night until after 9:30. I was there for 5 1/2 hours, freezing to death. It was 89 degrees outside and 29 degrees in the air conditioning. Not really, but that's how it felt. I was covering up my legs with her extra recital t-shirts just to keep warm. When I went to the restroom, I was tempted to grab all the paper towels and wrap them around my poor frozen feet. was that cold. In between numbers and ticket customers, I perused the Stampin' Up catalog for the umpteen-millionth time. So many little time. Thankfully, no rehearsal this afternoon, so maybe I'll get some stamping time. There are two performances Saturday, so the entire day and night is tied up. Rats! But, I'm the Mama, so I'm going to help. Besides that, I want to make sure she's not jostling my grandbaby around too much! :) Have a fabulous Friday!

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